Affiliated Appraisal Group is a full service appraisal company, offering commercial and residential real estate consultation and appraisal services.

Our staff is comprised of appraisers with diverse backgrounds, including tax assessment, financial services, home inspection, real estate sales and construction. The residential division handles properties ranging from condominiums to multi-million dollar estates, while the commercial division covers properties ranging from garages and mixed-use buildings to multi-tenanted office buildings and hotels. Our commercial service area covers most of New Jersey, from Sussex to Ocean counties. Our residential service area covers all of northern New Jersey.

Commercial Appraisal Services

What does it take to provide quality commercial real estate analysis? 

It takes experience, education, relationships with investors, bankers and brokers, access to quality data, and the intelligence to distill these inputs into a property valuation.  Affiliated Appraisal Group has what it takes to handle appraisal assignments ranging from small, mixed-use properties to multimillion-dollar complex developments. 

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Residential Appraisals

Understanding markets is the basis of good residential valuation. 

Whether we are dealing with a small, Cape Cod in a densely developed neighborhood or a mansion on an estate, we know the neighborhoods within our markets. Additionally, our residential experts have real estate backgrounds (including building inspection, planning and sales) that provide a deeper insight into the market.  Because we know our markets, we know value.

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Affiliated Appraisal Group operates in northern New Jersey and Rockland County, NY.  With a focused market area, we know the developments in our region and can help forecast area trends. Learn more...

What are you planning to build?  What return are you looking for on your investment?  Affiliated Appraisal Group can provide detailed analysis of risk and return concerning your project.  We can help safeguard your investment to ensure it provides a maximal return.
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What type of property should you develop? AAG will analyze how a particular property relates to its neighborhood, ensuring that the development choice maximizes your investment.
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Where are you building your new distribution center? Affiliated Appraisal Group will help you analyze the location for your property to help ensure sound business decisions.
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